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What do I want for New Years 2020 you ask? For Elvis fans to have the best, happiest, healthiest, and safe New Year in 2020


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Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelins Elvis photo

Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page Reveals An Unseen Photo of Elvis Presley

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Answers to many Elvis Presley questions

Jeff Schrembs answered Elvis Presley ?

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Elvis Presley collecting? (part 1)


I have been collecting Elvis Presley records, albums, photographs, video files, audio files, soundboard audio files, outtakes, concerts, concert tickets, and then there are what I consider to be, if I had to choose, the most meaningful Elvis Presley artifacts being his own handwritten notes, signatures, books with his handwriting, autographs, etc.

Some collectors put their money into Elvis’ “jumpsuits” which can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars but my take is if you have the money good for you but a piece of clothing hanging up in a closet, or display case, is cool but not affordable and in my opinion sooooooooooooooooooo less meaningful.

Elvis Presley, contrary to others opinions, was not without his faults. Believe it or not Elvis had some self esteem/body issues. He thought his neck was too skinny and a little long. He thought the pores on his face, a result of teenage acne, were too large. In later years his weight ballooned and it was evident in his face (sadly), hands. body. feet, etc. Prior to joining the United States Army, after being drafted the 3rd week of December 1957 and the draft notice was hand delivered to Elvis at his beloved home in Memphis being Graceland, he had insecurities about his strength. Now, his legs were strong and he knew how to punch as is evident by his trial in Memphis in 1956 in a foray with a gasoline station attendant who took a cheap shot at Elvis and he got a large shiner/black eye in return AND Elvis loved physical contact in sports or playing around but exercise and weight lifting was not his thing.

When Elvis was in the US Army, sans the horrific lifetime scars of his beloved mother dying being Gladys Love (Smith) Presley who died on August 14, 1958, he increased in strength in every area and began taking martial arts in addition to his Army training. Elvis self confidence, in this area, was palpable. The fact that Elvis continued his martial arts training, even sponsoring America’s martial arts representatives in competitions/Olympics, in various styles was a testament to his love of not only the art but knowing, truly knowing, he could take care of himself.

In the 1970’s, while in Las Vegas for a 30 day concert stint, Elvis received a written death threat. For full disclosure Elvis had been threatened since becoming an informer and the most serious being with an east coast Mob boss became aware of Elvis spending time with a certain someone and ordered a hit on him. Yes, a real hit meaning he wanted Elvis killed. The story goes that Elvis took it to heart and reached out to Frank Sinatra, who was no fan of Elvis’ until Elvis appeared on his Elvis Homecoming TV Show Elvis’ first appearance after being honorable discouraged from the US Army, and Sinatra through his connections confirmed the hit was real. Sinatra used his connections, and the possibility that millions of fans would demand justice to anyone involved in Elvis’ death, and the hit was called off. The amount of $ 30,000.00 comes to mind but the who, what, when, where, etc. I cannot recall at this time.

Back to the Las Vegas threat. The FBI was notified, in addition to Elvis’ own bodyguards and exceptional relationships with police captains across the US, and upon review they informed Elvis the threat was real and told him to cancel his concert later that night. Elvis respected everyone concerns but he opted to perform saying “some of these fans will never be able to see me again and I don’t want to disappoint them”. But Elvis had two caveats. The first being that if there was any discernment of physical actions out of the norm that lethal force was to be used as a last resort. The second was that Elvis said “I don’t some some son of a bitch running around saying I killed Elvis Presley so you don’t hesitate to pull your guns and kill that s.o.b.”.


… to be continued

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Some fantastic photographs of Elvis Presley over the years (August 2017 edition)

published with the authorization of Mr. Schrembf



Please visit us at http://www.ElvisCollector.info

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Elvis Presley – some little known facts

1972-elvis-front-lisa-marie-with-red-west-black-lincon-standing-n-black-candid-rarraerr   Much of Elvis’ life, and the stories written about him, is flooded with the basics such as; he grew up poor, his family was on assistance, he walked into Sun Records under the guise of making a record for his mother, he made “That’s All Right (Little) Mama” which catapulted his voice/name into the music industry, and he was a great performer and sold millions of records. Yes these things are true but there is far more to Elvis “under the surface” than is widely known so I’ll use this blog to share some of my insights/facts.

Music was the only class, during Elvis’ school years (i.e. from first grade to high school graduate), that he failed. He actually received an “F” which he spoke about in latter interviews but his (beloved) mother was livid about (note: even though Gladys could not read or write she knew an “F” was the worst grade) this grade which bothered Elvis greatly as he loved his mother and never wanted to disappoint her.

One of Elvis’ teachers told Elvis about a singing contest to be held at the Alabama Mississippi Fair and between her confidence in him, and his cousin accompanying him, he sang “Old Shep” and came in 6th place. There are several photographs of Elvis, with blonde hair and oval glasses, on stage with the other contestants including the winner. Elvis stated on numerous occasions (jokingly) said “boy singing and losing that day was rough until I was given $ 5.00 and able to ride all the rides all day and that went I got home Momma whipped me as she was worried to death not knowing where I was. I though to myself boy, your singing career just went down in flames”.

Elvis often sang the song “Old Shep”, about a boy and a dog that has to be put down, and on several interviews related the personal story he associated with that song and that was the genesis of why he felt so emotionally about the song. Why didn’t I divulge the details of this interview/story you ask? Well, come on man I can’t share everything in one post.

Elvis had a photograph memory as well as “perfect pitch”. Both of these traits would serve him well throughout his career.

Elvis had some “body issues” meaning there were things about his looks, can you imagine him having anything to complain about, that he did not like (note: Elvis shared these insecurities with those close to him and the degree of insecurity fluctuated throughout his life). An example would be his neck, the pores on his face, and his weight.

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Take care and may God bless you.

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Never judge a man…. (Elvis Presley 5/8/2016)

The adage of “never judge a man what he does in public but what he does in private” is wisdom personified.

During Elvis’ concert years (i.e. 1969 to 1977) one of the things Elvis did in private was to sing gospel songs.

In his hotel suite, many times after performing onstage having given 2 live performances, Elvis had his backup singers – invited guests – invited celebrities – etc. to gather around the piano and sing gospel songs.

Elvis loved Gospel songs.

Gospel songs were as much a part of Elvis was his unique style. Unique singing. Unique stage presence. Elvis was gospel. Elvis loved God and his beloved son Jesus. Elvis, from the time he was old enough to walk, sang and most of what he sang was gospel music.

Against the will of Ed Sullivan, whose tv show in the 1950s was the most popular TV show in the world, Elvis (whose tv appearances had made history with the largest viewing audience in the world) had made a promise to his beloved mother Gladys to sing “Peace in the valley”.

At the time of Elvis’ Ed Sullivan tv appearances Elvis was ravaged by the “elite press”. They called him a dumb hillbilly. They said he couldn’t sing but mumble. They blamed him for all of the ills of youth and delinquency. The world had never seen anything like Elvis before…or since.

Onstage, and on tv, Elvis moved with passion and purpose. He exploded. He moved to the rhythm naturally. Every fiber of his being was put into his songs and tv and stage performances.

The press had ridiculed Elvis’ tv appearances as wild and jungle music. Ed Sullivan, who previously said he would never have Elvis on his tv show, ultimately paid Elvis the highest monetary amount ever paid for an entertainer to appear on tv. As a matter of fact it was three times the amount ever paid to any entertainer but Elvis’ tv ratings were astronomical.

Elvis, who had a photograph memory and remembered who hurt him and who helped him, knew that Ed Sullivan was behind showing Elvis on tv from the “waist up” thereby denying the tv audience the full Elvis experience. Between the acts of Ed Sullivan and the unwarranted attacks along with the promise to his mother Gladys (which was ultimately important) Elvis informed a shocked Ed Sullivan that he was going to sing “Peace in the valley”. Ed Sullivan went to Colonel Parker, and Parker also remembered Ed Sullivan’s slights against Elvis, to get Elvis not to sing this gospel song.

Colonel Parker, for better or worse, told Sullivan “the boy sings what he wants when he wants” and “he was contracted for  X number of appearances and X number of songs” and reminded Sullivan of the historical tv ratings and gave Sullivan the fact…Elvis would sing “Peace in the valley”.

Unlike Elvis’ first appearance on the Ed Sullivan show, which was not hosted by Ed Sullivan who had been in a terrible auto accident but by Charles Laughton the successful actor, Sullivan was hosting and he knew the Colonel had a bona fide contract. It was a “lose lose” situation for Ed Sullivan.

Elvis’ appearances on the Ed Sullivan show have been put into many Elvis’ VHS and/or DVD documentaries. I encourage Elvis Presley fans to seek out these products as they are a must for Elvis fans.

You can see Ed Sullivan (note: this was the last appearance of Elvis on the Ed Sullivan show and it occurred on January 6, 1957 which was 2 days before Elvis’ 22nd birthday. Peace in the valley was the last song on the last appearance) onstage with a curious look on his face and told the live audience that “now he is going to sing a song to soft of in the mood he wanted to create peace in the valley” at which point Elvis comes out and sings this gospel song in a throughly meaningful way.

Besides Elvis’ promise to his beloved mother Gladys Ed Sullivan had made mention about the Hungarian relief efforts (note: Hungary declared Elvis an honary citizen of Budapest and had a city landmark named after him) as a way to transition Elvis into singing this heartfelt gospel song. It was evident, and documented, that Ed Sullivan did not want Elvis to sing a gospel song on his tv show. This was also true of RCA, who Elvis was under contract with, who didn’t want Elvis to make a gospel record let alone an album. These facts are for another day…in another blog which I hope you enjoy.

Worth noting is after Elvis sings Peace in the valley, after a short break, Ed Sullivan brings Elvis back out and pays Elvis a compliment that touched Elvis greatly and in fact was instrumental in the United States and the world changing their opinion of Elvis to reality. Elvis was always appreciative to Ed Sullivan for what he said. When you watch the footage of this you see an unsure Elvis listening to Sullivan not knowing what Sullivan was to say and then Elvis lifting his head up and shaking Sullivan’s hand while thanking him. Whatever prior resentment Elvis had against Sullivan was forgotten. The reviews of Elvis last tv appearance on the Ed Sullivan show were positive and Elvis often said “he didn’t have to do that (i.e. bring Elvis back out and compliment him)” and “I owe Ed Sullivan a lot” and “what Ed Sullivan did made a difference in people accepting me” and “I truly am thankful to Mr. Sullivan”.

The reality being that Elvis was a fine and decent young man. A man who loved his family, God, Jesus, and his country. A man who said “yes mam – no mam – yes sir – no sir”. A polite man. A humble man. A very sensitive man. A complex man. Thanks to YouTube you can watch it below.

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Jeff Schrembs








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Cool Elvis Presley photos March 2016 editon

Elvis Presley was, among other things, the most photographed person in history.

I have been collecting, reading about, talking with people about, listening to, supporting, sharing my insights about, etc. anything and everything (of quality) about Elvis and his life onstage and off. Yes I had a real life but Elvis’ music was always there as a soundtrack to…memories and days gone by.

Here are some cool Elvis Presley photos. If you like them please share this blog with your friends and via social media. If you want to see more please visit our site of http://www.ElvisCollector.info. and/or our forum of http://www.ElvisCollectorWorldwide.freeforums.com.

Take care and may God bless you and yours.

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Check out www.Elvisonrecords.com

NEWSPAPER win a date with Elvis 1956   There are literally thousands upon thousands of Elvis Presley websites, blogs, fan clubs, etc. Due to our stringent criteria we only recommend sites/blogs/etc. that we believe are worthwhile. However, some times we come across interesting Elvis Presley related websites such as http://www.Elvisonrecords.com courtesy of Jochen Jakopitsch.

We know firsthand how much hard work, effort, time, frustration, organization, passion, etc. it takes to put together a website. So kudos to Jochen Jakopitsch and we wish his site, and his endeavors, great success.

There can never be enough quality Elvis Presley websites for Elvis, the man and the performer, remains intriguing and worthwhile.

Take care and may God bless you.

Jeff Schrembs (published with the permission of Mr. Schrembs)






Please join me in prayers for Sandi Pichon, Sandie Kay Stevens, Sonny West, and Judy West


I (humbly) ask that you join me, now and in the future, in prayers for Sandi Pichon, Sandie Kay Stevens, Sonny West and his wife Judy West. Each of which is undergoing life threatening medical emergencies.

Sandi, Sandie, and Sonny individually and collectively knew Elvis Presley and we among his oldest, and most trusted, friends. They have, for decades now, undertaken many endeavors about Elvis onstage and off and their firsthand experiences with, and about, Elvis are priceless in the “Elvis world”.

Life is never guaranteed in length, and/or quality of, and THANK YOU for joining me in prayers.

Take care and may God bless you…always.

Jeff Schrembs



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