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MYRNA SMITH of the Sweet Inspirations died December 24, 2010.


MYRNA SMITH died December 24, 2010. Myrna Smith, best known as a member of the Sweet Inspirations who was known primary as the backed up singing group to Elvis Presley {from 1969 until 1977} as well as Aretha Franklin, passed away on December 24, 2010 at the age of 69 from kidney failure.

 Our hearts, prayers, thoughts, and hopes go out to Myrna’s’ entire family members including her son Martin as well as Jerry Schilling, who was a friend of Elvis’ for many years, who was married to Myrna from 1982 until 1987.

After Elvis’ passing Myrna was kind enough to share her memories, thoughts, and firsthand experiences concerning Elvis via numerous Elvis outlets (i.e. books, interviews, online, dvds, Elvis specials, etc.) such as the wonderful DVD/CD entitled “Elvis He Touched Me”. Myrna was a wonderful source of knowledge for Elvis Presley Fans Worldwide and her beauty, her talents, and her incredible smile will forever be missed by Elvis Presley Fans Worldwide.

 May God bless Myrna Smith and we are thankful that she pursued her God given talents and shared her beautiful voice with us, and her vocal range/quality was exceptional, for so many decades.



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