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What year do you believe was the happiest of Elvis’ life? And why? 2011 All Rights Reserved Jeffrey Schrembs

What do you believe was the happiest year in the life of Elvis Presley? And what are your reasons for choosing that year? Now I will go “on the record” and say 1968 because he was in love, healthy, enjoying his family and daughter and his career was on an upswing (i.e. 68 Singer Special […]

Is VH1 anti-Elvis? By JeffreySchrembs 2011 All Rights Reserved

I recently watched a “re-run” on VH1 about the “100 Greatest Artists of all time”. Having never heard of this program before, but knowing the history of VH1 and MTV and others in the “mindless minion media”, I watched it hoping that it would be based upon facts. When I saw that they had Elvis […]

Elvis Presley’s real name by Jeffrey Schrembs (2011 All Rights Reserved)

Many people believe that Elvis Presley’s’ full name is “Elvis Aaron Presley” and they would be correct. Other people believe that Elvis Presley’s full name given to him at birth was “Elvis Aron Presley” and they would be correct. When looking at all of the paperwork for Elvis’ birth, and comparing it to the (sadly) […]

Elvis Presley Photo Compilation Videos