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Thank you Sandi Pichon (by Jeff Schrembs 2011 All Rights Reserved)

In the “Elvis Presley Community” there are many individuals who, like Elvis himself, gave freely of themselves and of their time (which is precious as life is so very short). Sometimes there are individuals who have the distinction of working with those who Elvis; loved, trusted, befriended, etc.

Seldom are there those who (a) strive to bring the truth about Elvis and all of the exceptional things he did publicly and personally and/or (b) interact with Elvis Presley Fans and always have a positive outlook. To find someone who has the combines each of these three attributes is very rare indeed. Such is the case with Sandi Pichon.

Sandi Pichon is a wonderful “asset” to the Elvis Presley Community along with being an honest, caring, wonderful human being. It is my honor to say that she has earned my respect, admiration, and appreciation. Hence, I would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU Sandi Pichon for all you have done, are doing, and (God willing) will continue to do in the future. May life bring you nothing but good health, happiness, peace, joy and success in all of your personal and professional endeavors.

Take care and may god bless you


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