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THANK YOU from www.ElvisCollector.info (2011 Jeffrey Schrembs)

In the “Elvis Presley Online World” there are (literally) countless Elvis Websites with new ones going online daily from every Country in the World (sorry Iran). http://www.Elvis.com, the official Elvis Presley Website, continues to set the standard and has an excellent Facebook.com presence as well. We have, do, and will encourage Elvis fans to visit http://www.Elvis.com and check out their content.

2011, which still has another 3 months before years’ end, has been a RECORD YEAR for both unique and “return” visitors/guests and we just wanted to say THANK YOU to Elvis Presley Fans Worldwide! With our http://www.YouTube.com link, and our http://www.Facebook.com link, and with the continued thanks to http://www.Wordpress.com we look forward to continuing to put forth quality Elvis Presley articles/audio/video/etc.

Additionally, there are some really great Elvis Websites which we have listed on our site http://www.ElvisCollector.info so please check them out.

Take care and may God bless you.



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