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Elvis Presley March of Dimes Interview Transcript (by Jeff Schrembs)

MD2013 All Rights Reserved


Transcript of Elvis Disc Interview:


DJ: According to ‘Variety’ the show business newspaper, and I quote:

“Controversy has always meant cash in show biz, and the latest proof is Elvis Presley, whose jet-propelled career…” Well, the rest of the story is something any pop music fan can write for himself.

But for the straight story, here is the man himself, Elvis Presley…


EP: Well there’s one thing I’d like to know right away.

What’s so controversial about me?


DJ: That puts me in a bad spot right away.

You’re the one who’s supposed to be answering the question!


EP: Well no offence meant, but all right I’ll answer it.

Some people seem to have the idea I’m a controversial influence on the young folks.

Whatever I do I always want to do my best for the teenagers.

I certainly never want to do anything that would be a wrong influence.

When I sing I just…I just sing from my heart.


DJ: Well, it’s pretty apparent the people like you, too, Elvis…sideburns and all.

In 1956 your record sales totaled up to a fantastic ten million. To what do you attribute that, Elvis?


EP: Well, now you’re putting me on a spot!

Some people say it’s because I’m offering folks a new kind of rhythm.

I really don’t know about that, though.

Actually, my kind of rhythm is really about as old as music itself.


DJ: Let’s put it this way, Elvis.

What you’re really doing is giving the public something old, something new, nothing borrowed, with a touch of the blues. Would you agree to that?


EP: Yeah, I’ll buy it.

But there’s one thing I’d like to say…and that’s this:

As long as I live I’ll never stop being grateful to the American people for giving me this big break.


DJ: And so young in life, too.


EP: Yeah, that’s right.

And that kind of leads me into the reason for being here.

You know, so many kids and adults too have gotten just about one or the roughest breaks that can happen to a person.

I’m talking about polio.

Sure, we’re on the way to conquering it, thanks to the Salk vaccine, but take it from me…it sure isn’t licked yet.

Right now some 80,000 polio victims need help.

Some of them are paralyzed so that they can’t even move a finger.

Most of the others can’t do the simplest everyday things that we take so much for granted.

But the situation isn’t hopeless.

We can help these people. And the way to do it is this:

Join the 1957 March Of Dimes. Please. It’s very urgent.

Give every dime and dollar you can to this great cause.


DJ: Well, you’ve got a lot of fans out there, Elvis.

I know they’ll heed your words.

And I also know they’re waiting for a song. What’ll it be?


EP: Er…we’ll do ‘Love Me Tender’ for ’em.


This is Elvis Presley again.

Don’t forget, folks…give a break to a polio sufferer.

The need is urgent.

Join the 1957 March Of Dimes. Thanks.


DJ: Thank you, Elvis Presley. All I can add is… don’t abandon those polio victims who so desperately need your help. Send your dimes and dollars to your local March Of Dimes headquarters.


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