Could Star Wars of saved the life of Elvis Presley?


Could Star Wars of saved the life of Elvis Presley?

August 15, 1977 and August 16, 1977:
Here are the known events, at least as stated by one member of the Memphis Mafia, of what occurred the night of August 15, 1977 until (sadly) Elvis died on August 16, 1977.

12:00 midnight: After his 10:30 pm dentist’s appointment is completed, Elvis and girlfriend Ginger Alden return to Graceland.

2:15 am: Elvis calls his doctor to request more painkillers, ostensibly because of pain engendered by the dentist trip. Elvis’ stepbrother Ricky Stanley drives to the all-night pharmacy at Baptist Memorial Hospital and returns with six Dilaudid pills.

4:00 am: Elvis wakes up first cousin Billy Smith and his wife, Jo, to request they play a game of racquetball with him. Presley, as usual, plays the game while barely moving, and playfully attempts to hit Billy with the ball. In doing so, Elvis manages to hit himself with his racquet, bruising his leg. The game is called off.

4:30 am: Elvis moves to a nearby piano and performs two unidentified gospel numbers and “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain.”

5:00 am: Elvis decides to turn in early (for him), going up to his bedroom with Ginger. He takes one of the pre-packaged packets of pills created by his doctor for twice-daily use.

7:00 am: Elvis takes a second pack of pills.

8:00 am: Still unable to sleep, Elvis asks for a third packet, which is brought to him by his aunt, Delta Mae Biggs.

9:30 am: Elvis takes the book he’s been reading, Frank Adams’ The Scientific Search for the Face of Jesus, and goes into his bathroom, “Don’t fall asleep in there,” she says, knowing his propensity to nod off. “Okay, I won’t,” he says. Ginger goes back to sleep.

1:30 pm: Ginger awakens and sees Elvis is still gone. When knocking on the bathroom door produces no reply, she enters and finds his lifeless body on the floor in front of the toilet. She screams for Elvis associates Al Strada and Joe Esposito, who arrive and call the fire department. An ambulance is dispatched. Daughter Lisa Marie and father Vernon arrive in the bathroom, but Lisa Marie is quickly removed from the scene.

2:56 pm: Elvis Presley arrives at the Baptist Medical Center in Memphis.

3:00 pm: Elvis is pronounced dead.

4:00 pm: On the steps of Graceland, heartbroken father Vernon Presley tells the assembled reporters: “My son is dead.”

Even after these 27 years these events, and the reality, concerning Elvis Presley’s death are still being discussed.

I have seen, in these approximately (6) six decades, so many (unwarranted and factually incorrect) “articles, stories, etc.” focusing on the conspiracy theory that Elvis isn’t dead. Well, he is and shame on anyone who suggests otherwise.

I have always believed that one second of ones’ life can be changed if altered. An example is instead of the cab driver picking up a passenger he drives slowly and then goes and gets a cup of coffee that this would alter both the cab driver and the passenger’s life.
What if, in this case of Elvis Presley, (approximately) 72 hours before (i.e. from August 12, 1977) Elvis’ death (sadly) of August 16, 1977 was changed. Maybe by a minute but in all probability each moment of each minute leading up to August 16, 1977.
If these events where changed would Elvis had lived? Of course we will never know that but here are some interesting facts concerning Elvis Presley and, of all things, the Star Wars movie. The date is August 12, 1977. The setting is Graceland, The people involved are Elvis, Lisa Marie (Elvis’ beloved daughter) and Ginger Alden (Elvis’ girlfriend).

Star Wars the movie facts (from Wikipedia):
Star Wars, later retitled Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, is a 1977 American epic space opera film [5] written and directed by George Lucas. It is the first installment in the Star Wars series. The film stars Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Peter Cushing and Sir Alec Guinness. In the film, a group of freedom fighters known as the Rebel Alliance as they plot to destroy the powerful Death Star space station, a devastating weapon created by the evil Galactic Empire. This conflict disrupts the isolated life of farm boy Luke Skywalker when he inadvertently acquires the droids carrying the stolen plans to the Death Star. After the Empire begins a cruel and destructive search for the droids, Skywalker decides to accompany Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi on a daring mission to rescue the owner of the droids, rebel leader Princess Leia, and save the galaxy.
Star Wars was released theatrically in the United States on May 25, 1977. The film earned $460 million in the United States and $314 million overseas, surpassing Jaws as the nominal highest-grossing film, and it remained that way until being surpassed by E.T. the Extra Terrestrial in 1983.
When adjusted for inflation, it is the second-highest-grossing film in the US and Canada and is the third-highest-grossing in the world as of 2013. Among the many awards the film received, it gained ten Academy Award nominations, winning six; the nominations included Best Supporting Actor for Alec Guinness and Best Picture.
The film is often ranked as one of the best science fiction films. The film has since been preserved into the National Film Registry by the Library of Congress in its first year of opening (being the most recent one to do so at the time), with its accompanying soundtrack joining it into the National Recording Registry 15 years later, both being called “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant.”
Personally I was a teenager when Star Wars was initially released in 1977. I waited in line for tickets for (literally) five hours. I still have the ticket stub. But, what I remember is the film was so popular that the theatre decided to “run it” 24 hours a day. This was unheard of.
Also, I remember going to see it a second time and a third (with different friends). The special effects were…mind blowing. Though it opened up in mid-1977 I can recall that it wasn’t until February of 1978 that the theatre ended the 24 hour running but there remained a steady demand.
Pertaining to Elvis he had been trying to obtain a copy of Star Wars for months hoping to surprise Lisa Marie (who was staying with him at Graceland but was scheduled to go back to California with Priscilla on August 16, 1977).
Elvis had been renting out local movie theatres dating back to 1956 (in the Memphis area). If Elvis, or Lisa Marie, liked the film he would watch it over and over again for hours at a time.
Elvis was unsuccessful in getting a copy of Star Wars which troubled him because he knew that Lisa Marie would enjoy it,

The days prior to August 16, 1977:

On August 11, 1977 Elvis paid his respects to his beloved mother’s grave at Forest Hill Cemetery. When she died, on August 14, 1958, Elvis believed that she was 42 years of age.
This age was of significance as Elvis had always believed that he would (literally or pertaining to the age) not “outlive momma”. So the week of August 14th (i.e. a few days before and a few days after) always had great prominence in Elvis’ life.
However, again unknown to Elvis, his mother (Gladys Love {Smith} Presley) was 46 years old when she died.
Historically the week of August 14th was a week, or more, that troubled Elvis on many levels. It was an anniversary that Elvis had to relive and brought him to his knees – tears to his eyes – made him reflect on his life – wonder how things would have changed had she lived – and, as he had done from the very hour of her death, would state “everything is gone without momma – I’ve lost everything”.
The week of August 14th was one that Elvis could not escape from. Most of these “anniversary’s” Elvis would (include but not limited to); stay in his bedroom, visit Forest Hill Cemetery, be despondent, reflect on the upcoming anniversary with preordained belief that he wouldn’t outlive his Mother and grieved along with his father (Vernon Elvis Presley) and his grandmother (Minnie Mae Presley) otherwise known as “dodger” (as she once threw a shoe at Elvis, as a child, and he threw it back and she successfully dodged it and after Elvis was spanked he, thereafter, called her dodger.
As Elvis got; older, more depressed, into a terrible physical condition, legitimate health issues (including mental, emotional and had problems from his eyesight to his colon to his hands and feet. Not to mention the fact that the autopsy confirmed that Elvis’ heart was 1 ½ times the normal size and that his arteries looked to be of someone 85 years old.
It is widely known that once Elvis’ relationship with Priscilla was fractured, in mid-1971 with the divorce finalized on October 8, 1973, that his health, beliefs, and outlook began a downward spiral which would ultimately take the life of Elvis Presley.
If you “google, Bing or yahoo” pictures of Elvis Presley in 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976 and 1977 your eyes will confirm these facts. That is not to say that Elvis didn’t have some months of being in shape (mentally, emotionally and physically) such as; the months leading up to the Aloha from Hawaii TV appearance that was the first satellite program to be broadcast “worldwide” and is estimated to have been viewed by 92% of the US market and over one billion people worldwide.
Accordingly, if you look at photographs of Elvis in 1969 or 1970 and compare them with photographs of Elvis in 1976 or 1977 the differences are striking and it saddens me to this day.
With that said I have (probably) all of Elvis Presley records, concerts, outtakes (audio and/or visual), etc. and though he was not in good health he never stopped trying his best and his “one of a kind” voice shown throughout.
An example of this is to listen to Elvis singing “Hurt” from the 1977 “Elvis in concert” TV special, which aired after Elvis died but the footage was from 1977 a few months before Elvis died, and his vocal range was…exceptional.
I, personally, have difficulty in watching the video of him singing this song but if I just listen to the song (i.e. no video just audio) not only is the song beautiful but is one of the greatest renditions of this song ever put on tape.

On August 12, 1977 Elvis (as previously stated was unable to get a copy of the film ‘Star Wars’ to view with his daughter Lisa Marie) took Lisa Marie and Ginger Alden to see the James Bond film ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ instead. [Star Wars was released to theaters in the US on May 25, 1977] As they came home, Lisa was sitting on Ginger Alden’s lap, holding her bag of popcorn from the theater.

August 13, 1977 through the night of August 15, 1977 not much is publicly known.

August 15, 1977 through August 16, 1977, in summary, is previously stated herein.

Premise to ponder:

What if Elvis had been successful in obtaining a copy of “Star Wars” the week of August 16, 1977?
I don’t know if Elvis would have liked the movie but, as everyone did back then, he would have been impressed with the state of the art special effects.
What if Lisa Marie had enjoyed watching Star Wars?
I believe that Elvis may have allowed Lisa Marie to watch it several times even if it was the same day, or in probability, over the course of a few days.
If so then this would, to the extent which is unknown, have changed the events of the week of August 16, 1977.
If the events, from August 15, 1977 through August 16, 1977, were changed would Elvis (on August 16, 1977) have been caught up in a “perfect storm” (i.e. he was worried about the upcoming tour, he was depressed because this was his first tour since the book “Elvis what happened” had been released, he was struggling with the fact that he was 42 years old + this was the week in which his mother had died (i.e. August 14, 1977), and he was despondent because Lisa Marie would be leaving Graceland to go back to Priscilla. Any mother, father or “non-custodial parent” knows the depth of the sadness of only being a part of their children’s’ lives except for perhaps a few days a month or a few weeks during summer vacation) of events that led up to his death?
The answer to the question of “Could Star Wars of saved the life of Elvis Presley” will never be answered. However, the questions arising from this premise are… are never ending.

The greatest entertainer who ever lived was named Elvis Aron Presley who (sadly) Elvis Presley died on August 16, 1977 at the age of 42.
I believe that the only thing that could have (possibly) saved the life of Elvis Presley (at least possibly extending his life by a few months or years) would have been (first and foremost); Elvis Presley wanting to change and to get 24/7 health care even if that meant taking a year or two off of performing live onstage, Elvis’ health care directed by specialist/experts in their field(s), Elvis’ medication strictly enforced, and Elvis seeking the strength to do all of this which would include relying on his faith in God and having a 24/7 support system of friends – family – loved ones – friends – etc.
In closing the reality is that this life is never guaranteed pertaining to; length and/or quality. Fortunately Elvis left behind three decades of his works and will forever be etched into the pillars of history.

Take care and may God bless you.

Jeff Schrembs – ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2014
Authored by, and published with the approval of, Jeff Schrembs

Note – to seek out the “best of the best” books, articles, etc. please support; Alanna Nash, Marty Lacker, Billy Smith, Red West, Sonny West, Sandi Pichon, and other members of Elvis’ infamous Memphis Mafia. Not only are their works exceptional but without these books the true “Elvis” (inasmuch as someone can know) would never have been revealed. Facts, and context, matter and each of these individuals meet and/or exceed our stringent criteria.


6 comments on “Could Star Wars of saved the life of Elvis Presley?

  1. Hi. Jeff–so sad, so true. A visit to Graceland is bittersweet. Only one Elvis!

  2. Very good article! Great and unusual thoughts! Thank you Jeff!

  3. No, all of the change that was surrounding him was already bringing him down and the train wreck was already ordered. The fall started after the satellite from Hawaii concert in which he sounds like he was on cocaine. No not when he was singing, but when he talks inbetween songs. He had conquered every thing but was missing what I think he wanted all a long and that was love, true love and the freedom to go out and mingle with that love. To be somewhat a prisoner in life without the true love we all look for and the responsibility that he felt he had would have brought the average man down in two years. Elvis was not your average man . It took twenty years to do that .Again this has to be one the greatest American stories ever told. And I am still listening !

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