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John Wayne and Elvis Presley (by Jeff Schrembs)

*** Jeff Schrembs 2014 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED ***

Joe Esposito, who Elvis met while in the US Army (circa 1958-1960), was a trusted friend of Elvis and held the official position of “manager” within the Memphis Mafia.

During the 1960s Elvis had contractual obligations that required him to do, many times without him even reading the script, an average of 3 films per year through 1969. Elvis was, and remains, the only actor whose movies never lost money and, in fact, made plenty of money for Elvis – the Colonel – and for the studio.

Joe Esposito claims that Elvis, who admired John Wayne greatly, met John Wayne several times on the studio lot and on one occasion sat down together to share a meal during a break in filming. At one point John Wayne introduced Elvis to his son Patrick Wayne who starred in several of John Wayne’s films.

It is left up to our imagination what the conversation(s) consisted of. But, one thing is clear and that is that Elvis liked John Wayne and vice versa.


One comment on “John Wayne and Elvis Presley (by Jeff Schrembs)

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