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YouTube and Elvis Presley

Wow. I remember when YouTube first came out and “myspace” ruled the internet. Sorry for sharing this flashback but that happens with age.

Anyway YouTube has become increasingly successful and constantly adding new content.

The ONLY thing I will publicly criticize YouTube about is that it allows far too much Elvis Presley content without cross referencing the copyright(s). Hopefully this will change soon but if not then EPE, and Lisa Marie, should work something out with YouTube. Also, in some of these videos/audio files there are viruses and YouTube does a good job filtering them out but someone across the globe can (literally) post files in seconds.

Anyway if you go to YouTube, and want to see a “semi-organized” selection pertaining to Elvis Presley, feel free to go to my YouTube link of: https://www.youtube.com/user/JeffSchrembs.

Lastly if you want to see what has been posted recently on the search bar type in (as an example) “Elvis Presley, this week” or “Elvis Presley, this month”. And there is always the option of using the filter option and it will sort content by; views, upload date, etc.

Take care and may God bless you.


One comment on “YouTube and Elvis Presley

  1. Hey there Elvis lovers–have you read Protecting Elvis? It’s a loving tribute. Find it on Amazon. The cover photo is from Elvis public domain snapshots–a beautfy!

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