Please join me in prayers for Sandi Pichon, Sandie Kay Stevens, Sonny West, and Judy West


I (humbly) ask that you join me, now and in the future, in prayers for Sandi Pichon, Sandie Kay Stevens, Sonny West and his wife Judy West. Each of which is undergoing life threatening medical emergencies.

Sandi, Sandie, and Sonny individually and collectively knew Elvis Presley and we among his oldest, and most trusted, friends. They have, for decades now, undertaken many endeavors about Elvis onstage and off and their firsthand experiences with, and about, Elvis are priceless in the “Elvis world”.

Life is never guaranteed in length, and/or quality of, and THANK YOU for joining me in prayers.

Take care and may God bless you…always.

Jeff Schrembs



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2 comments on “Please join me in prayers for Sandi Pichon, Sandie Kay Stevens, Sonny West, and Judy West

  1. Another Elvis Story, by Jimmie Rodgers Snow, a RCA recording artist in the 1950s who traveled and performed with Elvis Presley and other stars as part of country superstar Hank Snow’s Jamboree Productions, tells the story of how Jimmie Rodgers Snow and Elvis Presley forged a friendship from their love of music. The intimate look at the mid-1950s early rock ‘n’ roll/ country music era and inclusion of Snow family photos and documents makes this book anything but Another Elvis Story.
    Another Elvis Story is the story of a friendship between two young men just starting their careers in the music business. One was the son of acclaimed country music star Hank Snow. The other was an unknown boy from the hills of North Mississippi. Jimmie Rodgers Snow recalls the mid-1950s when decisions were made that would change his own life and that of his friend, Elvis Presley. While Elvis becomes the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Jimmie turns from secular performance and commits himself to the King of Kings.
    It is also the story of the deception that lead Elvis to intertwine his life and career with Col. Tom Parker, a man whose true nature the Snow family discovered some 20 years before the death of Elvis.
    This first-hand account of a crucial and transitional period in American music is not just Another Elvis Story.
    Proceeds from sale of this book benefit Nashville, Tenn., Jimmie Rodgers Snow Ministries. http://www.jimmysnow.com.

  2. Hello Jeff. My prayers are definitely going up for Sandi, Karen and Sonny.Sandi is a real trouper. She does post on her site(yahoo group) a few times. I thank you also for your heart felt prayer for all of them. I thank God that I have met them and stayed in contact thru the years. Also I would like to thank you for keeping Elvis’s memory alive and well.
    God Bless

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