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 How does one define being an “expert” in any field including one as diverse as the life,    accomplishments, and legacy of Elvis Presley? Well, first as in any endeavor one should go directly to the sources (i.e. people, videos, documents, audio files, etc.). Equally as important is to cross reference with several sources. And having a passion for a subject matter, as in this case, never hurts.

I have been collecting “anything/everything” related to Elvis Presley for (6) six decades now. A few years ago, as my health continued to decline, I decided to share some of my collection and insight about Elvis online. Needless to say, the vast majority of the response was overwhelming so as time allowed I increased the number of articles and then went from being a contributor to websites to dedicating a website to Elvis Collector/Fans Worldwide entitled http://www.ElvisCollector.info.

http://www.ElvisCollector.info is one of the RARE websites that has no “pop-up” ads nor tries to sell you anything. It is ORGANIC ELVIS 24/7 and new content is added consistently being original articles, photographs, video, audio files, etc. We also make sure that other Elvis Presley Websites that meet/exceed our strict criteria are listed on the “Elvis Links” page.

Over these past decades I have met had the honor to meet, interact, and build relationships with countless individuals who (including but not limited to); worked with Elvis, were related to Elvis, knew Elvis, grew up with Elvis, collected Elvis, wrote books about Elvis, and/or respected/appreciated/admired Elvis.

Over the years, and through firsthand experiences, I learned so much about what Elvis did onstage and off. I learned about the reality that Elvis made mistakes like all of us do. That Elvis had weaknesses. That Elvis could become angry. That Elvis had very real medical issues. These separate aspects of Elvis, which should be in context, do not diminish all that Elvis accomplished as a man – as a Father – as a son – as a performer – as a person who gave of his time/heart/money – and as someone who believed in God and wrestled with the question of “why me” concerning his talents and blessings and fame.

To be an honest “expert” one should admit their biases and I willingly admit my bias in support of Elvis, The Memphis Mafia, Elvis’ Family, EPE, Lisa Marie, Priscilla, etc. But, I also state the facts and my reasons for being “pro” this or that.

Having amassed one of the largest (private) Elvis Presley collections in the World was done in between working full time for the vast majority of my life, being a Father to my children, and making mistakes (personally, professionally, and as a Father/Husband/Son/Brother/etc.) each of which I regret whole heartedly.

Having been diagnosed with CANCER last year (i.e. thyroid/throat), and still undergoing medical treatment/care, being able to have an “outlet” (when time allows and when I am able) to share my expertise and opinion about Elvis has been…helpful.

Thank you for visiting us at http://www.Wordpress.com and for taking the time to read this article and hopefully many more to come. May God bless you now…and always.

Jeff Schrembs

20 comments on “The Elvis Presley Expert Jeffrey Schrembs

  1. Jeff, could you or someone in your company contact me about buying my Elvis collection? I think I may have something you don’t have. Thank you, Terry

  2. Who is Darryl “Dee” Brown? He’s being billed as “Elvis’ Original Drummer” in a newspaper advertisement for an Elvis tribute show. He doesn’t appear in any lists of people who played with Elvis that I’ve found.

    Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

    Gary Corsair
    Managing Editor
    The Villages Daily Sun

    • Sam Phillips opted to bring in DJ Fontana to compliment Elvis Presley and his two band members being Scotty Moore and Bill Black.
      I have access to every Elvis Presley recording, concerts, outtakes, etc. and though Elvis had (throughout his career) other drummers (with Ronnie Tutt being the most notable after DJ) anyone calling themselves “Elvis’ Original Drummer” either does not mean “Elvis Presley” OR they are sadly mistaken.
      Take care and may God bless you.
      Jeff Schrembs

  3. Hello !
    I have some negatives & Army photos of Elvis while serving in Germany. I need to sell them. Any ideas ?
    Thank you and I hope you are feeling better !
    Ro C.

    • I would WATERMARK each of them (you can use a free download via CNET com such as Corel paint shop pro). Obtain the dimensions. Take photos front and back and then WATERMARK them using the “save as function”. Obtain any supporting documentation (dates, times, etc.). Then you can, if you would like, email me the WATERMARKED copies with all the info to elvisexpert@outlook.com.
      Pertaining to selling you can always go the ebay route, Craigslist, and post for free on various Elvis Presley Fan Forums such as one of mine entitled http://www.ElvisCollectorWorldwide.freeforums.org.
      You may also, if it is warranted, research (if these photos are originals and haven’t been seen before) copywriting them and then you could sell CERTIFIED COPIES while retaining the original and the rights.
      Jeff Schrembs

  4. According to Dee, he was hired the same day as Ronnie Tutt in Palms Springs in 1969. Says he was Ronnie’s back-up and played about 40 shows, including the Astrodome and the International Motel between 1969 and 1971. Is he on the level?

    • Bob Lanning, during this time period, was signed due to Ronnie Tutt’s contract negotiations with Colonel Parker were at a standstill.
      Jerry Carrigan worked on the June 4 1970 sessions with Ronnie Tutt returning.
      I can only convey the facts and these are the facts concerning Elvis and his drummers during 1969 – 1976.

  5. Thanks Jeff. I appreciate your expertise.

  6. I found a pic on the internet of a Luftwaffe technician working on an German airplane during WWII. The caption reads that the tech was later a drummer for Elvis. ( http://www.hitlersukpictures.co.uk/index.php?page=default-extensions ) Maybe not a studio drummer but could he have been a road drummer? Thank you.

  7. I have been an elvis fan since I was eleven years old and have amassed quite a varied elvis collection. I also have a 7 year old grandaughter . named kacey who loves elvis with a passion and even has cds fridge magnets and bbedroom posters of elvis. She will watch an elvis movie while dancing to the song parts !! I find it both amazing and pleasing that my grandaughter is amazingly on the same page as myself when it comes to elvis !! the most beautiful story was when she went to a teacher and asked that if she practiced her guitar every day could she also be a king of rock n roll !! i think if elvis were Still here on earth he too would be amazed that he had such young And passionate fans even today godbless elvis !!!

  8. Hello I am an 8th grader at Cascade Heights Public Charter School doing an 8 week project called Night of the Notables. This is a project where we chose a person from the given time period and learn everything about them. I chose Elvis Presley! One of the requirements is to interview an expert on your person. I would really appreciate if you would let me interview you. Thank you.

  9. I have a 45 rpm black label RCA Victor record of Elvis with Hound Dog labels on both sides. I have looked and looked for info on this but all I can find is that Don’t Be Cruel is supposed to be on the other side of this record. Have you ever seen this before?


  10. Hello
    I am a big fun of the king. I have the 2nd album with the “labels” but I cannot decide whether this is a first pressing or not
    do you have any information about what is considered first second or third pressing of this album? there are many variations which are confusing.

  11. I would like to know the value of a picture of Elvis Presley taken in 1977 and the 1993 Elvis Presley stamp

  12. Hey could you please send me something that Elvis Presley stamp 1993 Is worth anything thank have an amazing blessed day

  13. You sound like a very nice person and my love and prayers are with you and cancer sucks ! You have a knowledge of the king 👑 and I am thankful!! I have been studying and know even after many sleepless nights and the fact my wife thinks I am crazy for the one hundred plus frammed photos on my Elvis wall ,that my studies of our king will go on for years, I still go on. You must know that this Elvis fever will never fade. Give hundred thousand people a year at Graceland ? Something more than fan appreciation is at play here. So I go on and on and don’t complain !

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