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Rare newspaper article about Elvis and Graceland (by Jeff Schrembs)

If you are interested in learning about Graceland I encourage you to seek out the wonderful books authored by Alanna Nash (available on Amazon.com). Additionally these books are not only a must have, for all Elvis fans, but factually based and underscores the ups and downs while being balanced. It is a rare combination indeed. […]

Could Star Wars of saved the life of Elvis Presley?

Jeff Schrembs, of http://www.ElvisCollector.info, writes an original article about Elvis Presley.

The Christmas Albums of Elvis Presley

Elvis. Elvis Presley. No matter which name you use 99.9% of the public will know of who you speak. When it comes to Elvis collecting I have written about the “in’s and out’s” for decades. I encourage you to seek out my blogs and to visit http://www.ElvisCollector.info. However, when it comes to Elvis and Christmas […]

Elvis Presley video 1960 post Army interview (YouTube)

John Lennon’s children induct Elvis Presley (video) into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Elvis Presley, earned and deserved, this award. It is quite touching the manner in which Julian and Sean Lennon stand on the stage and recite part of John Lennon’s feelings, and aspirations, about Elvis. Jeff Schrembs http://www.ElvisCollector.info http://www.ElvisCollectorWorldwide.freeforums.org   Enjoy:  

The essential beauty of Gladys Love (Smith) Presley

Gladys Love (Smith) Presley. Fitting that “Love” is her middle name for it was the essence of her especially when it came to her only child (being Elvis) that (a) lived to full term and/or (b) survived being born. Many people are unaware that Gladys had at least two pregnancies (note: please see out the […]

Lisa Marie Presley new video “Over me” debut

Here is the link from Elvis.com – http://www.elvis.com/news/detail.aspx?id=7116