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Cool Elvis Presley photos March 2016 editon

Jeff Schrembs, who is an Elvis Presley expert – collector and historian, writes an original article about Elvis Presley including photographs.


John Wayne and Elvis Presley (by Jeff Schrembs)

*** Jeff Schrembs 2014 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED *** Joe Esposito, who Elvis met while in the US Army (circa 1958-1960), was a trusted friend of Elvis and held the official position of “manager” within the Memphis Mafia. During the 1960s Elvis had contractual obligations that required him to do, many times without him even reading […]

What are the names of the schools Elvis Presley attended?

TUPELO MISSISSIPPI: 1941 Elvis enrolled in Lawhon Elementary School   Milam Junior High School             MEMPHIS TENNESSEE November 1948 they sole their furniture and moved from Tupelo to Memphis   L         L C Humes High School (Elvis graduated from – actual diploma)  

Just Funny July 5, 2012

Just Funny July 5, 2012

Anyone else just need a hug…from a LION??????

Petition (please sign) for Elvis Presley International Airport

Here is the link for the petition and THANK YOU for taking the time to participate.   http://www.change.org/petitions/the-international-ep-airport-foundation-renaming-memphis-airport-elvis-presley-international-airport

Why we remember Elvis Presley (by Jeff Schrembs All Rights Reserved 2011)

Jeff Schrembs, who is an Elvis Presley Expert and Historian, writes an original article about “Why do we remember Elvis Presley”. 2011 All Rights Reserved.

www.ElvisCollector.info a great Elvis Presley Fan Website featuring Jeffrey Schrembs

We would like to invite Elvis Presley Fans Worldwide to visit http://www.ElvisCollector.info. This website features NO ads NO pop-ups and a great assortment of rare, unique, and cool original articles – videos – audio files – photos – as well as the talents of Elvis Presley Expert/Historian/Collector and Author Jeff Schrembs. Please check out http://www.ElvisCollector.info […]